Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4th Place/3rd Loser

I was part of the "Baltimore's Next Superstar Contest" last night. I finished 4th. Ok, I didn't even finish 4th, but I didn't finish in the top 3....So I am assuming that me and the other eight comedians all tied for 4th. I have said multiple times before tonight that "I rather be known as a 'good comedian' than a 'comedian that wins contests'". But for some reason this stings.

Baltimore Comedy Factory holds this contest yearly. I don't know why they call it "Baltimore's Next Superstar". Its not American Idol. Its not America's Got Talent. Its a comedy contest where comedians gather to tell jokes about O'bama, Tiger Woods and kicking girls in the stomach (all topics covered). So to call the contest "Baltimore's Funniest Comic" would be acceptable. "Baltimore's next comic who brings the most people to Baltimore Comedy Factory on a Wednesday night" would be pretty suitable....but to say the winner of this contest would be labeled a "superstar" is kind of an insult Mary Catherine Gallagher and all the people that were previously named "superstars". All Kidding aside, the winners and most of the comedians were very very funny and deserving people. It was cool sharing the stage with them...and also performing on the same stage as my comedic idol: Louis CK.

So anyway, without further is video of the set that put me into an 8-way tie for dead last at "Baltimore's Next Superstar".

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